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I always have fun looking at stats for my various websites.

The other day, after receiving another gift card from Amazon Associates (I get a small percentage from every item ordered through one of my websites), I thought I’d check into what people are buying via my websites/Amazon store.

Most of the items have only been purchased once but a few have risen to the top as “best sellers.”

And in case you’re wondering — Amazon is actually not my #1 way of bringing in a little extra cash from my blogs. Right now it’s affiliate ads for Leo Babauta’s and Joshua Becker’s e-books.

I’ve been averaging $15 or so each month recommending their two books (which I do highly recommend), where as Amazon typically only brings in a couple extra dollars a month.

Do you use Amazon Associate ads/links on your blog?

What are your top sellers?

Ever been surprised by something someone purchased through your links? (Darren Rowse actually had a fun post about this last week — he beat me to publication — doh!)

What do I really need?

Day 8- 19 DVDs
Day 8 - Purging 19 DVDs | Photo by Jonathan Blundell

This question is really coming into mind more and more since starting WeLiveSimply — but even more so as we start packing to move.

What do I really need?

Leo Babauta writes…

It’s amazing what our culture has done to us: we have been conditioned to believe that luxuries are a necessity, that we need things that most of the world doesn’t even dream of having.

Look around your home right now (or when you get home). What do you see that’s really a necessity? What could you do without?

You already know that most of the world lives with much less than what you see around you. They’d be happy with clean water, shelter, some food. Forget about Macs or big-screen TVs or plush couches or iPhones or closets overflowing with shoes and clothes.

But we also forget that only a few generations ago, our grandparents and great-grandparents also lived with much less, and were perfectly comfortable and happy. Most people had very little other than the necessities and perhaps a radio. Not that long ago, people lived without TVs, cars, microwaves, electric stoves, computers, video game consoles, air-conditioning, washers, dish washers and more. Not that long ago, shopping malls didn’t exist, and ordering from the Sears catalog was a luxury.

What we need is very little: a few changes of clothing at most, a pair of shoes, perhaps a few toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, soap), some food, a roof over our heads.

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Blogging The Simple Manifesto


Over on We Live Simply, I’ve taken up a challenge by Steve Burleson to blog each of the 72 ideas within Leo Babauta’s Simple Living Manifesto.

I’m on the third point, I think Steve’s on point 5 today.

We’d love for you to join us.
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