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December 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

I always have fun looking at stats for my various websites.

The other day, after receiving another gift card from Amazon Associates (I get a small percentage from every item ordered through one of my websites), I thought I’d check into what people are buying via my websites/Amazon store.

Most of the items have only been purchased once but a few have risen to the top as “best sellers.”

And in case you’re wondering — Amazon is actually not my #1 way of bringing in a little extra cash from my blogs. Right now it’s affiliate ads for Leo Babauta’s and Joshua Becker’s e-books.

I’ve been averaging $15 or so each month recommending their two books (which I do highly recommend), where as Amazon typically only brings in a couple extra dollars a month.

Do you use Amazon Associate ads/links on your blog?

What are your top sellers?

Ever been surprised by something someone purchased through your links? (Darren Rowse actually had a fun post about this last week — he beat me to publication — doh!)

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