I’m now officially a husband of thirty-one.

Check out the organizing bag goodness at mythirtyone.com/forney.

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Evernote tip: Store your recipes in the app – either with the web clipper, typing them or just snapping a photo of them (and let Evernote’s image recognition take care of the rest). When you’re needing inspiration, it’s super easy to search by ingredient, title or even tags like “grill” “vegetarian” etc…

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Tent Thursday

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Love seeing the boys’ minds go to work as we build these.
But perhaps even more fun is hearing the squeals from them and their sister as they play under the tent.

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Travis Reed with Work of the People (love his work) interviewed Greg Boyd recently and Greg shared his heart for what “the Kingdom” is all about:

A stark contrast

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A stark contrast as the sun rises on the horizon.

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TrackMaster from FisherPrice

New software wish list…

A Trackmaster and/or Brio-compatible train set builder software – to let dads tinker with building a track in the software and then printing out instructions for their kids.

…that said – there’s still very little that’s more fun than building a crazy, twisting, winding track with your son. The more furniture or toys you can wrap around – the better.