Just finished reading Farewell to Mars by Brian Zahnd.

Highly recommended it.

Here’s a snippet:

Jesus doesn’t call us to give a prophetic interpretation to the latest war and rumor of war. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers and lead the way out of the darkness of retributive violence into the light of Christian reconciliation.

You can see many more if you follow my Kindle notes – or better yet, grab a copy for yourself.

Grilled fish tacos

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Grilled fish and avocado tacos for lunch. Mmmmm. One of the perks of working at home.

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Published via Pressgram

Peace on Earth | Illustration by Jonathan Blundell

Peace on Earth | Illustration by Jonathan Blundell

Last night on Power Talk, we brought up the issue of ISIS and pacifism.

You can listen to the audio here:

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The idea of pacifism has been on my mind a lot lately, even more so when thinking about ISIS and reading Farewell to Mars.

I don’t have all the answers to ISIS. I don’t have all the answers to Syria, Uganda, Ukraine and other hot spots around the world. I don’t know what will ultimately happen. But I also believe we as followers of Jesus should provide shelter from the storm rather than adding to it with a never-ending cycle of violence.

With this in mind, I was doing a little late night reading and researching and I came across two great ideas from Bruxy Cavey.

The first asks one of the most common questions I’ve heard when people ask me about pacifism, “What about Hitler?”

And I’ve never really had a solid answer. I usually refer to the story of theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who wrestled with that very question and was allegedly involved in the assassination attempt on Hitler. The assassination didn’t go as planned and Hitler survived. Hitler then viewed his survival as a divine moment that assured him he was on the right path, following God’s will.

I also tend to talk about the priest and community in Bulgaria who stood up to the German soldiers and simply told them there would be no Jews leaving their city on a train. They stood together as a church and as a community, as one with the suffering and the Germans backed down.

But while these can be used as a powerful story against action, it doesn’t fully soothe the soul.

Perhaps Bruxy’s thoughts will add more:

And the other question I get asked constantly when talking about pacifism and gun control is, “What if someone breaks into your house and tries to attack you family?”

Again, I don’t have a solid answer, I just know that I would hope to lay down my life for my family if it comes to that vs killing for it.

Bruxy shares another story that pulled on every heart string tonight as I thought about this question again.

“What if a bad person broke into your house and threatened to kill your family – then in a moment of confusion left his gun right in front of you. Would you take the gun and shoot him?” There were various responses to this question. Finally one older gentleman replied, “no, I would not pick up the gun. I would fall to my knees and pray – because I believe that I would be tapping into a greater power on my knees than with the gun.”

Oh that I could have that kind of faith.

I serve a God who destroyed an entire Egyptian army with the parting of a sea. He destroyed a city with trumpets and clay pots. He made the sun stand still. He destroyed the cycle of violence by sending his son, Jesus to make foolish the ways of the world by laying down his life on a cross.

And he tells me, “Do not be afraid.”

Oh that I could have that kind of faith.

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Warming up dem tortillas

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Warming up some tortillas for left over sweet potato tacos. Mmmm.

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