Jerry’s not happy with WFAA and Cynthia Izaguirre

Cynthia Izaguirre
Cynthia Izaguirre

So, as previously mentioned, a post I wrote back in Jan. 2008 about WFAA morning anchor Justin Farmer leaving continues to get a lot of visits and comments.

But I’ve come to realize something over and over again now.

One guy in particular is apparently not happy at all with new morning anchor Cynthia Izaguirre and he’s sharing his 3 thoughts all over Dallas blogs.

As of the last count, he’s posted 8 or 9 comments on my blog. He’s copied three of the comments on two separate posts. I did a quick Google search for one phrase he’s used — and as it turns out, it’s not just my blog he’s copying and pasting to.

google search

Looks like he’s also hit up Frontburner on a couple occasions as well as

I wonder if he had his heart broken, or is just two busy to write original comments for all the different blogs.

Hmmm. Oh well. Makes those “Obama hates everyone” e-mails seem that much less surprising.

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7 thoughts on “Jerry’s not happy with WFAA and Cynthia Izaguirre”

  1. Yea, Jerry definately got his heart broken.
    He needs to move on. Cynthia is not perfect but she is great and compliments Brad pretty well. Most of us are happy with them.

  2. You guys are sooooo lucky to have her. I’ve stopped watching the local news here in Albuquerque since she left! Can you say boring?!?

    That guy sounds like a stalking creep!

  3. If you think she’s hot…..well she’s not!!!!! Cynthia should be ashamed for making fun of Serene Branson, the reporter that had an episode on live TV. Greg Fields sure put Cynthia in her place by telling her she should know how it felt….referring to her on air mistake by calling a mountain climber “GAY” instead of saying he was “BLIND”. You can see that one on You Tube. There are alot of other reporters that are hot….but again I say Cynthia’s NOT!!!!!!!!!!

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