Christmas 2011

This year was so different than last Christmas. The boys did a whole lot more this year. Instead of just laying there and being passed around from person to person, we were taking turns watching them as they run around the house! They weren’t too into the whole unwrapping presents, but they did love what was inside all the wrapping.

Christmas Eve we went to church for the Christmas Eve service and then had my parents and Jonathan’s parents over for dinner. The boys got to “open” their gift from Jonathan’s parents and were to interested in playing with it to go to bed when the time came. They got a big truck full of blocks!

Christmas Day We opened present at our house and then went to my parents for lunch with my family.  My parents got the boys some riding firetrucks so we have been playing with them for the last week. After lunch we drove to s=Sulphur Springs to spend the evening with Jonathan’s family.  The boys did really well for not having more than an hour of sleep all day.  We expected them to sleep the whole way home from Sulphur Springs but they did no such thing! They were over stimulated, over tired and not in the mood to sleep.  Overall, it was a fun day.

Here are some photos of all our Christmas fun.

Christmas Eve at our house

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the Blundell Family


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