Goodbye 2011…Hello 2012

2011 was a big year for our family…and a lot of firsts for our boys. So here is a look back at some of the highlights of what happened in 2011.

Lets start with our family picture from last New Years Day.

1) In January my brother, Brian, got married and we welcomed Stephanie to the family. I am so happy for Brian and that he found the love of his life! We love Stephanie and I am so glad to have her as a new sister-in-law.

2) We got like 10 feet of snow in January…ok, so it was more like a foot.  But when you aren’t used to all that snow, it seems like a lot. The boys got to see snow for the first time, too bad they won’t remember it! Then in February, because we didn’t get enough snow in January, we got more snow. I think we had a total of 5 “snow” days between Jan and Feb where we got to stay home from work. We loved getting to spend the time at home with the boys and just relax.



3) I had my first ride in an ambulance (pretty fun), unfortunately it was to the ER (not so much fun). After this one and 2 other trips to the ER, I finally had the problem fixed – just a simple surgery to remove my gallbladder! Who needs it anyway?!

4) The boys were evaluated and fitted for DocBands (orthotic helmet to reshape their head) and only 6 weeks later graduated from them! What a world of difference the bands made. They had to wear them 23 hours a day/7 days a week for the full 6 weeks. The therapists were impressed with how fast their heads reshaped. We caught them right in the middle of a growth spurt and that was a blessing because that meant they didn’t have to wear them as long.

Doc Band graduation day!!

5) My other brother, Brad, opened up his new Gymnastics facility…Best Gymnastics – go check it out sometime! This has been a dream come true for him and I am so happy for him and proud of him for this accomplishment – he deserves it!

Brooklyn with the boys

4) We celebrated 4 years of marriage and our first real mother’s day and father’s day.

5) We introduced the boys to our pool for the first time, but it was still kind of chilly so they just got their feet week – literally, they just put their feet in the water. A month or so later we did get to go “swimming”, for real this time, and the boys loved it.


6) The boys had their first haircut at about 8 months old – by Granna Vicki of course.


7) They have both learned to sit up, crawl, walk and now run…and with each of those has brought new challenges for me and Jonathan. But I wouldn’t give up those challenges for anything!


8) The boys got to watch their very first world series…and one that our home team was in. Unfortunately they lost, but it was still a fun experience.


9) We have had a blast throughout the year watching the boys grow. We have just had fun with them, going for walks, swinging and just goofing off with them.

10) The boys celebrated their first birthday on October 21


11) And lastly, we celebrated the holidays with all our family.

Checking out the Christmas tree...

From my family to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy 2012.

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