pacifist demonstration

Ten reasons why I make a poor pacifist

pacifist demonstration
Pacifists Demonstration (03) - 17Jun08, Paris (France) | By Philippe Leroyer
  1. I still get a kick out of watching professional wrestling and will still “mark-out” from time to time during a great match
  2. I want to pummel anyone who hurts my wife or boys
  3. I often think it would be far easier to just bomb the heck out of evil dictators
  4. Truth be told – part of me was excited that we got Osama bin Laden
  5. I can have a horrible temper if I’m not careful
  6. I still want to flip off half the drivers around me on the road
  7. I can still get caught up in nationalism and military pride from time to time
  8. I still love movies where the good guy wins by destroying the bad guy
  9. I’ve never participated in an anti-war rally
  10. Forgiving my neighbors who sprayed paint on the back of my house is hard enough – and you want me to forgive my enemies?!

And two reasons I want to be a really good pacifist…

Tomorrow needs you today
My boys and my new Two Futures Project t-shirt | Photos by Jonathan Blundell

Where do you struggle with putting your ideals into practice?

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