Happy “unofficial” anniversary to my Life

Three years ago today — I sent a txt message to a beautiful young woman.

The message read, “standby for a knock at your door.”

where I first met Laurie
where I first met Laurie

She didn’t get the message till 4 or 5 hours later and yet she hasn’t stopped getting my txt messages since.

Yup. 3 years ago today I met my wife for the very first time… (in person that is.)
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Meeting the girl of my dreams

Almost 2 years ago… exactly (as I write this)… I sent a text message to a beautiful woman.
The message read, “standby for a knock at your door.”
She didn’t get the message till 4 or 5 hours later.

But in the meantime I met and got to know this same beautiful woman over a dinner at Blue Mesa, a trolley ride and coffee at Cafe Brazil.

Yup. 2 years ago today I met my wife for the very first time… in person that is.

Come to find out later – she’s not a big fan of Blue Mesa and she had a strict one-date rule. If she wasn’t impressed on the first date – you’re done – you’re through – no more attention from her.

Yet some how another I managed to impress her with not knowing where to board the trolley and running out of things to do by 8:30 p.m…. luckily you can always count on Cafe Brazil (or maybe it was the singing of the Aladdin theme that impressed her — doubtful).

Now after knowing her for two years its amazing to think about all the changes that have happened in our lives – and all for the better.

I can’t imagine my life any other way than with her by my side.

Happy “unofficial anniversary” Laurie. You are the pride of my life. I love you more than I ever thought possible!

A different sort of evening

Had a fun evening with my life and friend Eric Lidji tonight.
Laurie picked me up from work today and we started the evening off with an enjoyable time shopping at Gap Body. It definitely wasn’t because of what they sell at Gap Body – but because of who I was with.
After we left, we browsed several other shops in the Mockingbird Station area before heading to Light Fantastic.
I remember going to Light Fantastic several times with my dad when I was growing up and he owned his own electrical business. He would go there from time to time to pick up lights and chandeliers for his customers. This time it was window shopping for us – or at least what we might like in the somewhere distant future.
After light shopping we made a visit to World Market where Laurie grabbed a couple different bottles of wine (both apple flavored) and I grabbed a “Make Your Own Six Pack” of various beers. A bottle of Shiner Black Lager, a couple different bottles of St. Arnolds and two brands I was unfamiliar with.
After our shopping trip we headed over to Cafe Brazil (an old favorite of mine – and one of the places Laurie and I went to on our first date) and we met up with Eric who was in town from Alaska for his sister’s Bat Mitzvah.
Eric and I worked together for more than a year at the Waxahachie paper.
Always enjoy conversations with Eric, either in person or now usually via the Interweb. He has great insight on things and great perspectives.
We talked national and local (Ellis County) politics, the newspaper business, the oil business (which he now covers in Alaska) faith and general catching up.
It was a great time only made better by the Chicken Chipotle Enchiladas I had for dinner.
And as the conversation wound down, Laurie and I headed back to Red Oak for a quiet wrap up to the evening.
Tomorrow – we meet with the Home Owners Association to figure out what they’re doing with all the money they get in our neighborhood. Should make for another interesting evening.