CWF Celebrates 10 years

Saturday night I had the privilege to take part in the Christian Wrestling Federation’s 10 year anniversary show.

It was a great night with some great matches from CWF Alumni as well as the CWF future — including a 12 man Battle Royal.

For those who are new to the blog, I first found out about the CWF only a few months after it began (in May 2000).

And I went to my first CWF show in Georgetown, Texas in the Fall of 2000 after hearing about it from a fellow journalism student, Chris Allman (aka Chris Idol/Angel).

Several years later, I joined up with the CWF and served as the ring announcer and commissioner from 2005-2007.

It was a great time in my life, full of great memories and great relationships that I made while travelling from place to place with the guys — even more so with the late night trips Chris and I made from Belton to Rockwall (and back) that first year.

Working the mic at a CWF show in Iowa

So Saturday night was a great time to remember some of those memories and a chance to see the work continue.

Rob (Jesus Freak) asked me to put together a slide show and highlight video to show Saturday night, so here they are in all their glory ::

You can find out more about the CWF through my archives, or visit (which I still manage). I also chatted with Chris a month or so back for the podcast and he talks about his history with the CWF along the way.

The Bussey Bunch

Looks like I found a new TV show I might get to watch with Laurie.
She says, “i’ll watch it but i’m not promising anything.”
At least it’s on TLC – that might help.
It’s The Bussey Bunch – based on the folks that run PCW Wrestling in Arlington.
It’s the same federation Tim and Dennis wrestle for – in fact Dennis (Apoc) is in the trailer a couple times (look for the guy breathing fire).

Should be interesting to see. I’ve never been a huge fan of PCW from what I’ve seen – but they’re running a wrestling federation and I’m not – so they do have that going for them ;-).

See the schedule on TLC

Ric Flair endorses Huckabee

From CNN:

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) – In the race for presidential endorsements, Mike Huckabee has the kitschy pop culture celebrity vote on lockdown.
First it was martial arts hero and “Walker, Texas Ranger” star Chuck Norris, who appears with Huckabee in his first TV ad.
Then hard-rocking hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent jumped on the Huckabee bandwagon, citing the Republican’s support for second amendment rights.
Now, Huckabee is getting ready to rumble: wrestler Ric Flair, a.k.a. The Nature Boy, is supporting the former Arkansas governor in his bid for the White House.
CNN has confirmed the former WWF and WWE star wrestler is on board with Huckabee, and will co-host a campaign tailgate with the candidate at the South Carolina vs. Clemson football game on Saturday afternoon in Columbia, South Carolina. More details are forthcoming.

Gotta say it… “Wooooooooooooo!”

Bill Mercer on Think

Bill Mercer, former play-by-play announcer for World Class Championship Wrestling, the Cowboys, Rangers and others was on KERA’s Think yesterday (as a replay show).

Anyone in the broadcasting business around here knows the name Bill Mercer. And anyone who considers themselves a sports fan has probably heard his voice. In September we spent an hour with Mercer, whose 50+ year career as a broadcaster and broadcasting instructor continues today. His recent memoir is “Play-By- Play: Tales from a Sports Broadcasting Insider” (Taylor Trade, 2007).

I’m going to have to add that book to my Amazon Wishlist for sure.

Listen online

Tomorrow night

Just an FYI/reminder…

The Christian Wrestling Federation will be live in Rockwall, Texas tomorrow night. The show is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. It’s a free show and you can bet there will be plenty of updates throughout the night about the CWF’s recent trip to Nigeria.