A Fool Month of Purging

April Fool's Day
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I’ve got a little challenge going on over at WeLiveSimply starting tomorrow – April 1 – April Fool’s Day…

To kick off April we’re starting a Living Simply Challenge – A Fool Month of Purging.

Based on Ross’ challenge from rcThink earlier this year, the goal will be to rid ourselves of the stuff we’ve been “fooled into thinking we need.”

The challenge begins Thursday — April 1 and ends April 30.

Here’s the challenge ::

1. Get rid of something every day of the challenge. You don’t have to literally remove each thing from your home, cubicle, office, etc. each day. You can keep the items in a box or one location to remove them at the end of the week or month.

2. Update your blog/website/Twitter/Facebook with things that you’ve thrown away. Try and share a list of what you purge at least once each week. If you Tweet about your purging use the #foolpurge hashtag. And feel free to comment here with the links to your blog posts.

3. Things that can be recycled or donated, have to be. Don’t just throw them in the garbage. People can benefit from used stuff.

Things aren’t valuable if they’re not used. So by holding onto things, you are preventing them from actually being used by someone who needs them. – Leo Babauta

So that’s all you have to do. Find 30 things to get rid of over the next month. One item per day. And then blog, Tweet, or Facebook about it.

Now I have to tell you, I may be at a bit of a disadvantage.

Laurie just purged 20-30 things in our house to donate to a friend’s garage sale.

Several things she purged (including a DVD player and our Xbox) were things I was planning on purging… so now I’ll need to find additional things I can purge during the month.

And I’m not sure but she may join me during the month as well — so we may be purging 60 additional things rather than just 30. Who knows?

So how about it? Will you join us?

Don’t forget to blog, Tweet, or update your Facebook status to let us know how you’re doing — and remember to add #foolpurge in your tweets as well.

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