Laundry Love Project :: You’re FREE!

With two Laundry Love Projects under our belt, we are quickly realizing that while the concept itself is sometimes hard to understand in English, it’s even harder to explain to those speaking Spanish (or other languages).

We had twice as many Spanish-only families this month as last month and we found it increasingly difficult to communicate with them throughout the two hours. (It’s nice to see that a smile and friendly gestures can still cross cultural and language barriers.)
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Playing with a new look

Just a heads up, things may be changing around here over the next week or so. I’m playing with a few themes for something new and fresh. If you click on the blog and see something you really like (colors etc) leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for your patience!

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Laundry Love Project :: No strings attached

laundry love

Wow! What a great time with this month’s Laundry Love Project.

We had a great time washing more than 30 loads of laundry (double last month’s numbers) and helping more than 15 different families.

We’re quickly finding out that communication and language barriers may be our biggest hurdle to overcome. Yet they bring such joy once they’re overcome. Continue reading Laundry Love Project :: No strings attached

Life’s roller coasters

Laurie’s shared a very open, honest post over on her blog – that I’d say is probably one of the most open an honest things I’ve seen her write. I’m so proud of her for writing it and sharing it.
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Restored – To the Land of the Living

Some of you may recall the prayer requests shared for Lanessa Allman last year (She’s Chris Allman’s sister-in-law and attended UMHB with us.)

Last year she was struck with encephalitis and several other complications after giving birth to her fourth son.

And now that she’s had time to heal and recover, she’s put her story into words and self-published a book, “Restored – To the Land of the Living.”
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iPhones and dirty Coltan #justicefriday

Line outside Dallas' Apple store | Photo by alexmuse

Today a new iPhone 3Gs is being released to the masses. Folks were lining up around the block to get their hands on Steve Jobs’ latest gadget.

The new 3Gs just adds to the iphone buzz on Twitter about the new iPhone 3.0 OS (released earlier this week).

And I get it. I’m a huge fan of technology and gadgets – including my beat-up BlackBerry Curve 8310.

But what if these things we consume on a daily basis are enslaving folks in more ways than we realize (there’s a reason folks have fondly adopted CrackBerry as an appropriate nickname for their BlackBerry)?
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