11 Kingdom bloggers to watch in 2010

While many of these bloggers may (or may not be) new to you I have a feeling they’re gonna be some folks really worth reading and watching this year… I know I’ll be reading!

And just so you know, I’m not a fan of ranking folks — especially folks who I would consider friends.

I believe everyone has a story and everyone’s story is important.

So here’s my list, only in the order they came to mind in…

Johnny Laird


What’s a fellow to do after getting let go just before the start of the new year? Well Johnny is already suggesting it’s the opportunity he’s been waiting for to really jump out into his passions — full steam ahead.

We feel this is gift of God (perhaps more accurately a hefty kick) to make myself more available to Jesus stuff in whatever form that takes. Expecting that there will perhaps be more time than before, I’ve already stepped out and started to take the initiative to get involved in a few things that I have a passion for, and are close to my heart.

It’s time to recalibrate.

Early signs seem to be focussed towards authentic missional discipleship, connection and some kind of increased & enhanced online activity – influenced in part because I have been inspired by those over the last little while who by their living, writing, sharing, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, grace and love have impacted me more than they will ever realize.

Johnny and I have had several chats via email already and I can’t wait to see where 2010 takes him!

Thomas Mathie


Thomas has been blogging regularly since before I began – 2005. As he says, he blogs to share the whole of him. His blogs might include the latest indie beats, cool design, or a funny improv video he found surfing YouTube. Along with joining me on the podcast, he’s got a couple other projects up his sleeve this year and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take him.

Mike Rusch


I “met” Mike through The Idea Camp in DC and our common interest in JustOne and Laundry Love. I later got to know him even better through the podcast. He’s truly a great guy with a great heart. He co-founded the Cobblestone Project in Northwest Arkansas and is off this week to pick up his newly adopted daughter in Ethiopia.

Steve Knight


Steve’s another guy who’s employment was lost near the end of 2010. As someone who’s been very active in media, journalism, missions and ministry over the years, he’s always brought a unique perspective to the table. He also started a new missional network in 2009 – The Transform Network. (And if nothing else, he’s who I stole the Kingdom Journalist idea from.) I hear he might have a couple job interviews coming up — so let’s hope it doesn’t slow down his recent blogging splurge.

Charles Lee


I got to know Charles this year through my involvement with Laundry Love, JustOne and the Idea Camp. In 2010 he’s already planning at least one more Idea Camp event as well as starting a new conference experience, !deation. Charles is a definite idea guy and is always inspiring me with his blogs and tweets and his heart for compassion and justice.

Mark Horvath

@hardlynormal @invisiblepeople

This guy forces you to pay attention to those we’ve chosen to look past so many times before — the invisible people who walk and live on the streets around us. His video blogs force you to come to grips with the stories of the homeless who live among us. No longer can they be a statistic. After spending a day or so with him, Kevin Hendricks had this to say about Mark:

I really value Mark’s perspective on the homelessness issue because he’s been there before and understands it in a way many people don’t. He also understands the practical realities. Frankly, it’s devastating to walk out here and talk to people, knowing I have a cozy warm bed and home, plenty of blankets, sheets and even a spare room. Whatever I’m doing to help the homeless, there’s always more I could do. I realize inviting a stranger into my house isn’t always practical (nor approved by my wife), but tell that to the person sleeping on the sidewalk. I don’t know how Mark has traveled the country doing this. He always talks about it wrecking him, and now I can understand why.

And speaking of Kevin Hendricks…

Kevin Hendricks


Kevin’s always bringing a fresh perspective to things. I don’t know of anything big Kevin’s got going on this year but I’ve always enjoyed his blog and his unique perspective so he deserves to be on this list regardless. Especially with great posts like this… http://www.kevindhendricks.com/2010/01/13/reflection-on-the-earthquake-in-haiti/

Stewart Cutler


In all fairness, Stewart actually came to mind at the same time Thomas did, but I didn’t want to seem too impartial to my podcast co-horts. Stewart had an amazing 2009 – a trip to Israel, a trip to Cuba, his wife getting her Master’s degree. It might be tough for him to top last year. But I hear he may be focusing on his own Master’s degree this year — so hopefully it will inspire many more great blog posts along the way.

Andrew Jones aka Tall Skinny Kiwi


It would be hard to make a list of Kingdom bloggers without mentioning Andrew. He’s been a major player for a number of years and has helped inform and shape a lot of my views along the way.

And with his recent disassociation from the emergent label (aka Emergent Village) to the focus on “something different – locating and equipping missional entrepreneurs around the world that God loves” it will definitely be worth watching his blog in 2010.

(Listen to more of his story on the podcast.)

Jason Kovacs


As I’ve mentioned recently here on my blog – I love all that Jason is doing with his various adoption & orphan related ministries.

Jason’s recently moved to Austin, Texas and (as I understand it via Twitter) will be working with some of the great folks at Austin Stone. I’m looking forward to seeing how his ministry grows even further as he raises awareness and understanding for his passion groove.

Eugene Cho


In 2009, Eugene Cho and his wife launched a non-profit organization, One Day’s Wages.

In one paragraph: One Day’s Wages (ODW) is an international grassroots movement dedicated to ending extreme global poverty. ODW promotes awareness, invites giving, and supports sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions.

The non-profit has over 1 million fans on Facebook and is continuing to gain momentum.

Eugene also pastors Quest Church and is the executive director of the Q-Cafe, a non-profit coffee house in the Seattle area. He continues to put out great stuff and I anxiously look forward to his new posts and to see how he’s used to build the Kingdom in 2010.

Looking for more bloggers to watch in 2010? Check out the comments on ProBlogger.com for a variety of lists and bloggers.

Who would you add to this list?

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8 thoughts on “11 Kingdom bloggers to watch in 2010”

  1. Hey Jonathan. That's quite a list to be on. Thanks for your encouragement, support and friendship.

    I'd agree about Johnny. I'm looking forward to seing where his journey takes him in 2010!

  2. Aww schucks JD… I am humbled to be included on this list. TBH I feel like a fraud… a fanboy in this conversation.

    As Bilbo says in the Fellowship of the Ring…

    “I don't know half of you half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

    There are new blogs in this list that I will follow with interest… so I can say I know all of you as well as I should like 🙂

    Anyway… I've posted about this :: http://nanolog.blogspot.com/2010/01/inspiration… :: I trust it makes sense?

    Thanks again…


  3. Thomas, for some reason I didn't get a flag about your comment – sorry I'm just now approving it.
    You can call yourself a fan boy all you want – but that's why it's so great to follow you and read what you're writing.
    You're not doing it so you can take credit for something spectacular – you're doing it to point fingers at the great work others and HE is doing.
    You've got a great site and an even greater heart – which is why I'll always recommend you as a top blogger in my book.

  4. Crazy! I got a ping back alert this morning. But I really noticed it when I started getting all sorts of pingbacks this morning from folks who essentially steal Darren's content for spam blogs/sites around the web. There were at least 4 pingbacks from sites that simply took his content and re-posted it verbatim. Lucky for him, they included the ad for his e-book too! Ha!
    From the looks of things he got the links from his comments – I was posted my list several days after he put the idea out so my comment and link was towards the bottom of the comments – thus #43 on the list. Hopefully it will point more folks in the direction of your blogs for sure. I picked up another 10-20 blogs in my RSS reader this morning as a result of that list.

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