They’re walking…

We can officially say Ian is walking now, and Hayden is on his way.  He started walking here and there a couple of weeks ago but Monday afternoon he just took off and started walking all over the place.  Hayden has been taking a step here or there for about a month but nothing more than 1 or 2 steps at a time.  Sunday night, he decided he wanted to start walking as well.  He doesn’t walk as much as Ian but he is catching up.

We have a few videos here and there on our iphones of the boys walking but nothing really post worthy.  I’ve been meaning to put a bunch of the little ones we have together to make 1 video of their progress so far.

The best part of seeing them learn to walk is watching their faces.  They get a huge grin on their face and Ian will usually start laughing as he walks away. Love it!

Here are a few pics of our big boys walking. Our boys usually don’t go around half naked, they just happened to be the one time I picked up the camera and actually got a picture of them walking.

Ian walking


Ian Walking

Hayden walking

Its so funny to watch their differences…and how much they are each like one of us.  Hayden is Jonathan’s mini me, looks, personality, everything. Ian is my mini me, not as much in looks but in personality.  It’s funny because these differences are showing up in the way they are learning to walk.

Hayden is the more cautious one.  He has always been the more steady one on his feet but is way to cautious to start walking.  He will make sure he is steady on his feet and then slowly take off. Where as Ian gets on his feet and just takes off whether he is steady or not.  Hayden will walk slowly and purposefully, and Ian is fast and walks around like a crazy person.  He goes, 90 to nothing and then falls..kinda like how I am on the snowboard 😉 I love it because I see me when I watch him.

Here’s to a new chapter in our lives as the boys become more and more mobile!

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