A first Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a birthday party for the boys with family and a few friends.  We had a great time and the boys experienced a birthday party for the first time.  I decided to make two big cupcakes for the boys for their cakes.  And since their are two boys, we had two separate birthday “cakes”…and we sang “Happy Birthday” to them each one at a time.

They both did really well with having as many people in the house as we did.  We only had two meltdowns by Ian, and they weren’t totally his fault, I must admit.  Meltdown #1 was when I was putting the hat on them.  I think I accidentally snapped the side of Ian’s face with the elastic.  Then they were eating their cakes and meltdown #2 happened.  They were doing so well, we sang to them and then let them dig into their cupcakes.  Ian kind of just touched it and then licked his fingers, while Hayden shoved his whole hand into the cake.  That’s when it happened…when Hayden did that, we all started to laugh and my sensitive Ian lost it, followed by Hayden after he saw Ian was upset.  We got them all cleaned off and dressed again then they were ok and all ready to open their present.  They got some great gifts and will be all set for a while. They have had a lot of fun lately playing with all their toys!

Here are a few pictures of the big day.

Birthday Boys' Highchairs

the boys' cakes


The Cupcakes


Hayden's photos

Ian's Photos

1 photo every month to see how much they grow

Hayden digging into his cake



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