Declutter your soul

. | Photo by Untileed X

Isn’t it amazing how complicated we can make things?

We’re always trying to find an easy solution to things and yet in the end we end up filling things with junk and clutter we don’t need and doing more damage than good

Diet fads, home exercise equipment, the latest electronic gadget that puts us further in debt.

Yet, things were pretty simple in the beginning.
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White people rappin’ about the ‘burbs

Dad life (HT Keri Lehmann)

Swaggin’ Waggon (from Toyota)

It Ain’t Enough (from c|Life)

And if that ain’t enough great music for ya — be sure to check out this week’s musical interlude on the podcast. Hopefully it will give ya some great tunes for your weekend adventures.

U2 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

U2 in Houston, Texas Oct. 2009 :: City of Blinding Lights
U2 in Houston, Oct 2009: City of Blinding Lights | Photo by Jonathan Blundell

I’ve really been enjoying the U2/South African mashup videos during ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The videos feature footage from U2’s Rose Bowl concert last year, mashed up with the Soweto Gospel Choir. reported earlier this year…

After teaming with ESPN for its coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, Bono pulled aside ESPN senior director of sports marketing Seth Ader and said, “This is just a warm-up for the one that really matters: South Africa.”

One of my favorites so far has been the Get On Your Boots mashup…
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10 things you can do with YouVersion on your mobile device


I’ve been using YouVersion for some time, both online and on my mobile devices (first two BlackBerry’s and now on my G1).

It’s amazing how powerful a platform YouVersion is. And there’s a number of cool things you can do with the platform, both online and on your mobile device — all for FREE.

So here are the top 10 things you can do with YouVersion on your mobile device…

10. View comments and contributions from more than 6 million readers around the world.
9. Follow along with one of 22 different Bible reading plans.
8. Replace that 17 pound Bible you’ve been lugging back and forth to church.
7. Bookmark passages for later reference.
6. Tweet your tweeps with links to your favorite Bible passages.
5. Share your thoughts with others by responding to polls and leaving comments through YouVersion Live.
4. Put a massive Bible search engine to work, so you’re no longer left saying, “It’s somewhere in the back…”
3. Find 41 different ways to say “Jesus wept.”
2. Read the Bible, in your favorite translation, anywhere and everywhere.

So what about number 1? Well, that’s for you to tell me.

YouVersion is all about how you put it to use.

So let us know, in the comments below — What’s the #1 thing you do with YouVersion on your mobile device?

Don’t have YouVersion on your mobile device? You can get it for Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Java, Mobile Web and Palm WebOS.